How to Transform Your Shadow and Ego into Good Mental Health

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Being Wrong is Human.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor


I spent two weeks being a Perfect Puritan before Halloween. The
reason for my role playing? The most powerful personal growth occurs
when you come face to face with your own ego. Your ego is what you
learned from the Collective Ego. Carl Jung discovered the Collective
Ego and called your nasty part, the Shadow.

To be free, healthy and happy, you must knowingly remove and unlearn
your ego’s reactions, thoughts and behavior. Your mental health
issues are not permanently resolved until your physical body changes
its form and readjusts to the absence of your ego. Your ego is the
tension in your body. Tension is anxiety. Anxiety is how you control
yourself and make yourself miserable. The end result of transforming
your defensive energy into more flowing energy is more relaxation and
vibrant moments.

One of the most effective ways to bring unconscious material up out
of your body is to live some role or act your ego out as if it were
really you. Why don’t you give it a try? Start by paying attention to
the nasty mental thoughts that are right under the surface of your
awareness. The goal is to expose a part of you that is in hiding.
Your ego must hide because that is the only way it maintains control
over you. As long as you are unaware of your ego, its dark energy
hurts you and often, ruins your life.

The therapeutic goal is to expose your Shadow to the light of your
conscious mind so you can decondition its false beliefs. However,
there is a trick to the transformation process. You must observe your
ego and see it for what it is, without making it the enemy. This
shift in judgment is essential or you just become more ego and not

Start with one image, thought or idea and let it move. I traveled
from the mother of a client who did not believe her child was
sexually abused, to the Scarlet Letter, to the mean way the Puritans
treated emotional people, to my mother who was a Southern Baptist
who was not allowed to wear shorts or dance. As I felt my feelings, I
began to see how often I made myself wrong and how often I am
wrong. I really am “wrong” often, according to the Puritans!

As my perfect image dissolved I felt more human and alive. As you
expose your nasty ego be loving and kind toward yourself. Remind
yourself often that we all have a Shadow. Take responsibility for
your ego and choose to stop its nasty energy from hurting you or
others. My right shoulder shook as it released years of tension from
trying to avoid doing something wrong. Being perfect is hard work.

As humans we cannot avoid being wrong or bad by someone’s
judgment. So, get rid of the judgment you learned and accept yourself
as an in-the-flesh human being with an open and loving heart.

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