How to Fine Tune and Use Your Crap Detector to Know the Truth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Trust What is Real.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor


You cannot trust something if it is fake.

The way to know the truth is to feel what is real, honest and genuine.
You must also be able to feel what is dishonest, ego based and fake.
This means you need a Crap Detector that is fine tuned and often used!

You will never know the truth if you listen to words and use thinking.
For example, Senator Heidi Heitkamp turned off the sound to see what
Kavanaugh’s energy and body language revealed. What she saw was
the truth. What she heard was not the truth.

This is what you must do with yourself and others. Use energy and
body language to know the truth. Early in my career, I discovered
that young children developed images that they hide behind because
they were afraid of being rejected if they shared their true selves
with their parents and friends. As children grew up, they developed
their Ms. Perfect, Mr. Never-Satisfied and Dr. Tight-Ass images into
personas that they, themselves began to believe were their true self.

Indeed, just because someone believes their own ego does not mean
you have to!! Use your Crap Detector.

The process of successful therapy and transformation involves
teaching you to feel the difference between your True Self and your
Fake Ego. This is the difference between health and illness. You cannot
be mentally healthy if you are fooled by your own ego or that of
another. You are mentally ill to the extent that you cannot tell the
difference between your True Selves and your Fake Egos.

Look in the mirror often and see what you are expressing. It is your
job to sniff out the truth of yourself and others if you want a
happy, healthy fulfilled life. Develop your Crap Detector by turning
off the sound and learning how to read energy and body language.

Enjoy more vibrant moments. Dress up for Halloween as one of your
egos and have a good time exposing your fake self. Or, dress up as
one of your hidden true parts and enjoy coming out of the closet.


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