Give Yourself Love for Valentine’s Day

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Love Has No Strings.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Teacher, Mentor


Are you seeking love? Or are you afraid of love?

Love is spontaneous energy that rises up and radiates outward from
your heart like a natural spring of delicious water. You cannot make
yourself love something your heart does not love. You cannot make
someone love you who does not love you.

Your heart does not complain, blame or criticize. Neither does real
love want to control you or define you. Unfortunately, this is the
problem with “love” as most of us have experienced it. Love is often
associated with someone trying to control you. This means, if you are
afraid to surrender to love, there is a good chance you have not
separated from your parents. Love for you means being controlled and
defined by other people.

If you are seeking love, you need to unlearn the control issues that
you learned to associate with love. These control issues are the
usual problems that come up in relationships after a few years.
Instead of love flowing between you and your beloved, disharmony
and distrust surface and interfere with the flow of love. It is ego to
ego. Instead of heart to heart.

The only way out of your ego is to continue to unlearn the unhealthy
relationships behaviors you learned from your parents and other
sources. Instead of pleasing others or expecting others to please
you, you must learn to take care of yourself and stand on your own
two feet. This means self-love must increase and become so secure
that you are not dependent on someone else to love you.

Not easy to accomplish, since most of us were taught to feel guilt if
we liked ourselves! Your Inner and Outer Critics will be eager to call
you selfish, narcissistic and crazy. So, let me give you permission
to love yourself. You must love yourself in order to reduce the
problems in your relationships and life. Poor mental health and poor
physical health are caused by a lack of self-love.

I would go so far as to say all the problems in the world today are
caused by a lack of self-love. To help clean up the world, start by
loving yourself. Embrace the Greek love, Philautia, which means love
of the self. Then your heart will be free to love.

Love feels good to all your cells. Enjoy as much love energy as you can.


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