How to Transform Obsessive Thinking with Education, Not Medication

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Transform Obsessive Thoughts.
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A reader is interested in learning more about obsessive thinking.
Overthinking is connected to anxiety, depression, eating issues, low
self esteem, poor relationships, sexual dysfunctions, insomnia and
not reaching your goals in life.

What is obsessive thinking?

My rule of thumb is a bit strict. However, I use this Obsessive
Thinking Test to drive home the seriousness of your overthinking
problem. If you think the same thought for more than three times, you
are obsessing. Yes, we all obsess sometimes! Mine come and get me in
the middle of the night.

Nevertheless, anytime you obsess, you are stuck. This means your
energy is not freely moving so you are in a healthy and alive state.
Just think of all the rotten thoughts hanging out in your head. Yuck,
they smell bad. These decaying thoughts need to be thrown away as
soon as possible because they make you sick in mind and body.

What is the reason for your obsessive thinking?

In terms of learning research, obsessive thinking is an avoidance
response. This means you are using your repetitive thoughts to avoid
your authentic feelings. Therefore, the way to get your energy moving
in a healthy direction is to stop avoiding the feelings that are
really inside of you. It is to your advantage to go ahead and admit
you are scared and anxious. There may be other feelings hiding inside
of you but certainly fear and anxiety are lurking underneath your
obsessive thoughts.

Once you stop denying the nervousness in your nervous system, you
can get the help you need to calm your whole body down. You can
learn effective ways to deal with anxiety and fear so you stop going in
circles. To help you get started, the next time you are obsessing, write
down all of your thoughts on a piece of paper. Your thoughts may be
positive or negative. Many people obsess about positive things to avoid
their feelings of low self esteem. This is the reason the approaches
that teach you to change your thoughts from negative to positive, such
as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Affirmations and Mindfulness are not
always successful.

Let your thoughts sit for twenty-four hours on a piece of paper. Then
come back and take a good look at each one. Your thoughts tell you
about your beliefs. Your task is to find out which thoughts are false and
which ones have merit. Having a good coach is helpful if they know
how to sort through your thoughts so you identify the false beliefs you
learned from your past. Again, a false belief can be positive, such as
“I am better than other people because I am good, smart, rich and so

Dump any false belief as soon as you find it. Unfortunately, many of
the things we learned as children are really hard to dump. If seeing
that a belief is false is not enough to dump it, you must deprogram
your false belief over time in real life. To be successful unlearning
beliefs, you need an education that is based on learning research and
teaches you how to increase awareness of your body and emotional

Next time you find yourself obsessing, shift into effective, creative
thinking. If you cannot, you need to get back to work on
deprogramming your irrational anxieties. Stress and obsessive thinking
are facts of life. You can learn how to cope and flourish by saying no
to medication and yes to education.


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