How to Be Happy? Play Everyday.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Play Everyday.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Teacher, Mentor


How many minutes a day do you play?
How free do you feel to just relax and be yourself?

Playshops were my first creative attempt at outdoor experiences in
the early 1980’s. My goal was to teach people how to let go of
control and trust their natural process. I knew play was the driving
force in a happy life. Working, with pushing and pulling at yourself,
did not make for a happy life.

In my early 30’s I was very successful with a waiting list, and
unhappy. A NYC workshop and trip to India with Jean Houston revealed
my problem. Dr. Tightass, my ego, was in charge of my daily
experience. As I slowly began to let go of Dr. Tightass, and become
my Real Self, the result was spontaneous play.

When I relaxed into being alive in my body, magic seemed to happen.
My state of consciousness was not ordinary and mundane anymore. I
was exuberant. Being free felt wonderful. Work was fun and vibrant
moments began to occur much more frequently.

When I stayed with my real fear, the frozen energy in my body
transformed into flowing energy. The result was freedom and joy. My
fears did not manifest. I DID get up on Monday morning and meet my
clients as needed. My work was more effective, not less. Play could
be a new way of living.

You can also trust your natural process of living in the moments of
your life. Let yourself play and stop pushing and pulling. Play
engages your body and emotional self. Play allows you to experience
the many pleasures that life on planet earth offers you. From humor
to sex, play brings you more vitality and better holistic health.

Do not go to sleep tonight before letting yourself play. Even for
five minutes. Just let go and be playful with something in your
environment. Move, dance, feel, look around and pick up an object
and talk to it. Dance with it.

Play a little more each day until you feel comfortable being instead
of doing. You will enjoy more vibrant moments and much better
mental and physical health.


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