How to Live in Process and Relax into Stress

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Trust Your Process
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Teacher, Mentor

Spiritual teachers and person growth coaches often talk about process.
What comes to your mind when you ponder the word process?

Abstract concepts are not easy to define because the whole idea of
process moves and changes in real time. Your process is your reality
in action. I am concerned about the younger generation because so
many appear to be living outside of process. They constantly turn to
their little machines, which is a way to avoid living in the moment.
Your computer is not reality.

I am living in a mess. My office is shut down due to a much-needed
repair of water damage. Living in a historic neighborhood in Center
City Philadelphia my house is more than 130 years old. Alas, once the
damaged ceiling was removed there were two more major problems
exposed. The black roof of the balcony above was literally coming
through the ceiling because the wood had disintegrated. Also, a live
electric wire was frozen in plaster, which is a serious fire hazard.

The process of getting my office back in shape came to a sudden stop.
Two experts have to be called in and they are not easy to find with
all the booming construction going on in Philly right now. All of my
office contents are spread throughout the rest of my house.

In addition, the refrigerator died and we had to throw away all our
food. Finding a small one to fit the space is difficult. Also, I just
found a huge puddle of water in the basement, again. My body is
tight, especially my jaw. I can tolerate a high degree of chaos.
However, this reality is getting on my nerves. I am not sleeping well
and feeling very grumpy when awake.

I am not trusting my process. The Oxford Dictionary states that:
Process is a “A natural series of changes.” You cannot control any
natural series of changes needed to complete any task. You cannot
control reality no matter how much you try to make it “behave.”

I miss how good I feel when I am relaxed. Therefore, I need to take
my own advice and trust my unique process. I know if I let go, the
process will naturally lead to a positive conclusion. You could be in
the middle of several processes at once.

I am currently in the process of:
1.  Repairing the water damage in my office.
2.  Getting a new refrigerator.
3;  Grieving the loss of my mother two years ago.
4.  Grieving the loss of my fifty-eight-year young brother this past
5.  Growing older and adjusting to new physical limitations.
6.  Finding and stopping the water from entering my basement, again.
7.  Publishing a book. This has been a very long process due to stopping
the process repeatedly.

Each one of these processes has a natural series of changes that need
to occur. Chaos is one of the natural states that always occurs in any
process. The more I get out of the way, the faster these necessary
changes will occur. The more anxious you are, the less you are in
process because you inhibit the moment of the natural changes that
must occur in order to move forward.

Living in process means you are in the moment, experiencing the
changes that are naturally occurring. This is another way of saying
that you are living “in the flow.” When you let go of control and
live in the flow, life is sweet, relaxing and fun. You also get
through stress with more ease and sleep.

How to Get Back into your Flow:

1. Stop. Stop right where you are and breathe.
2. Get back in your body so you feel your whole body.
3. Get your feet plugged into Mother Earth and do not let yourself
drift away from gravity.

Now you are grounded.

If you need help getting grounded take the home study course,
Overcome Anxiety Naturally or come to my Nature Workshop
this fall, October 21, 2017. Being grounded helps but it is not enough.

You must also keep breathing and stay relaxed until you become
comfortable with where and who you are. I am in the middle of a mess
that makes me anxious. There is a man coming and going out of my
second floor office using a loud drill and hammer as I write. Kitchen
chairs are on the left, a half packed suitcase is on my right. Piles
of papers on top of books and back up disks are in my office chair.

Yea, Gads. My mind is worried, “Will I get a swim in today?” “When
can I have some fun?”

This next step toward living in process is:

You must relax into the moment that is so uncomfortable until you are
comfortable. My Post-Doc supervisor, Dr. Joseph Wolpe, would say this
is desensitization. And indeed it is. Current psychology has forgotten
how to use the solid psychological research from the last century.

No matter what is happening in reality, you do not have to continue
to be anxious. The sky is not falling; my house is a mess. The
natural process of fixing my office will be completed if I accept the
series of necessary changes and allow them to occur.

Finally, I got a good night sleep last night and looked forward to
getting up and finishing this newsletter. I will let the next natural
change occur and move forward on my tasks. One step at a time
leads to completion and happiness.

Trust your processes and feel better immediately.


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