How to Avoid Hostile Defensive Road Rage? Allow Anger to Move

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Angry, Not Defensive.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Teacher, Mentor


I walked seven blocks uptown to my bank carrying a bulky, heavy bag
of coins, alternating the weight from side to side to ease the load.
TD Bank has always had a coin machine that turned my coins into cash.
Once there, I was told that they had permanently shut down their
customer friendly machine and I would have to walk to the Republic
Bank just a block away. I felt angry and annoyed because my back hurt
and the bag was heavy.

It was either go back home or continue onward. I walked the extra
block to be told by another bank, not Republic, that I would have to
walk five more blocks to get to the Republic Bank. Even more angry
and annoyed due to the incorrect information, I did not choose to go
home with my heavy bag. After walking five more blocks, I was told by
yet another bank that I would have to walk two more blocks to get to
the only change machine bank in Center City, Philadelphia.

My anger grew and I allowed myself to feel its energy rushing through
my body as I pounded the pavement through the noisy, crowded city.
My neighborhood is quiet and green. Reaching the new, smaller bank,
I was delighted to see the familiar change machine and friendly faces.
A woman helped me transform my change into cash. As I expressed
my anger to the woman helping me, I decided to open a new account
with Republic Bank. I had a big deposit all ready for my old bank which
had “deposit only” written on the checks, so they could be used for my
new bank. I got $20.00 for opening an account and was happy to be
back with helpful, friendly folks.

Anger is good and healthy. You do not need anger management or
anger control. You need to feel your anger and express its red energy
in healthy life affirming ways. Anger gives you the fuel you need to
take action against that which hurts you or others.

Do not confuse anger with hostility or road rage. Attacking, blaming
energy is defensive; therefore, hostile. You can feel the barbs. In
contrast, anger is a genuine emotion that moves outward and away
from you if you allow its potent energy to move without inhibiting it.
Genuine anger motivates you to take positive actions against
injustices and attacks from others. Anger is assertive.

Healthy ways to express your anger:
1. Write down what you feel without censorship.
2. Speak out loud how you feel to yourself and emotionally safe people.
3. Dramatize what you feel. Take on an angry character for an hour or
4. Draw what you feel. Use space and color freely.
5. Physically express your feelings by boxing, hitting the air, shedding

Never hurt yourself or others. Take back your life with your sincere
anger. Be assertive.


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