How to Find Your Wise Inner Healer that Straightens Out Your Confused Cells

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My most recent question, “Any wise words to help me deal with recurring cancer.”

Cancer is the scariest diagnosis you can currently receive. My friend, a famous German scientist, has spent his life studying cancer. He has published hundreds of articles. As a world ambassador he shares cancer research with universities in Japan and Switzerland as well as Harvard and Jefferson Medical School here in USA.

Unfortunately, when we are enjoying each other’s company, he has to admit, science still does not know what causes cancer or know how to cure it. Physicians know how to treat cancer, to give you more time to live, but they do not know how to cure this dreaded disease.

Holistic Psychology can show you how to take charge of your health so you can find your Inner Healer–the wisest of the wise. It is possible that your Inner Healer could cure your cancer. Any good psychologist knows, the why does not matter. Why this is happening to you does not matter. However, the what, when, where, and how do matter.

What you are doing is important. Therefore, the first helpful psychological action you can immediately take when you get a cancer diagnosis is to stop all mental judgments against yourself. As an accident prone Aries, the first thing I used to do when I landed on the concrete, once again, was make myself wrong for falling.

Immediately, I cursed myself and found fault with what I was doing or thinking that made me fall. I was obviously doing something wrong or I would not have lost my footing, or so I thought. However, finding fault with myself did not help me when I was bleeding, hurting, and on the ground.

This applies to you. The first healing action you need to take is to cease any act of making yourself wrong for having recurring cancer. Maybe you are unconscious that you are blaming yourself? However, I am almost 100% sure you are making yourself wrong or bad in some way for some reason. So, look round for the telltale signs of your Inner Critic. Your Inner Critic is the opposite of your Inner Healer.

As soon as you stop making yourself wrong, you instantaneously release healthy energy you can use for healing. Use this healthy energy to become responsible for your health without making yourself wrong and get to work finding your wise Inner Healer.

Stop everything, sit down, and look inside of your body, especially explore the area where your cancer is showing up. What is going on inside of you? Spend time becoming more aware of anything you are doing that does not feel good to you or your cells.

Do you have thoughts that are unkind, impatient, and attacking? Become aware of anytime your brain says things to you that feel bad. Your cells and body react and respond to all your thoughts, even the unconscious ones. So, bring in the light and look in the dark.

The bottom-line is the facts about what you are doing or not doing to make cancer recur is outside of your awareness. Just as science does not know, you do not know. Being unconscious does not make you wrong or bad. Not knowing the factors that are involved do not make you helpless either.

You can take action immediately. Begin to bless yourself. Bless your health and other people’s health. Bless all your cells and tell them you love them — no matter what. Let all the different parts of you know you are going to listen to them and take better care of them.

Your Inner Healer lives in your body. This means you must put your awareness into your body to find your Inner Healer. Your body knows how to be healthy if you can just get your brain out of the way so your body can do its job.

Your body is a marvelous wonder. It knows how to be healthy and wants to be healthy. Trust your body and listen to what it is telling you. Your pathway to wholeness will be unique and special to you. Your body knows your pathway to health.

It is helpful to get inspiration and hope by reading how others have successfully overcome their cancer diagnosis in books like Radical Remission, by Dr. Kelly Turner. However, you must follow your own wise, Inner Healer. She is the only one who knows how to integrate your body, mind, heart, and spirit into wholeness.

Next week we will continue to explore how to become equal to cancer and achieve better holistic health.


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