The Definition of Ego by a Holistic Psychologist

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Get to Know Your Ego.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


What is this “identity” I call ego? The current definition of ego has evolved since Freud first labeled the ego, super ego, and id. Since then, years of scientific research have successfully explained the details of how we learn and unlearn behaviors, thoughts, and ideas.

As a result, the true nature of the ego is becoming clearer and more obvious. There is a huge difference in who you are and what you learned. Psychologists cannot help you change who you are, we can help you unlearn things you learned that are not helpful to you.

Thus, your ego is the part of you that you learned; it is not your innate self. Of course, you learned millions of helpful things from your parents as well as quite a few unhelpful things. Therein lies the reason you must examine what you have learned in your conscious mind so you can make sound decisions about what you want to unlearn.

As a holistic psychologist, I do not like psychiatrist labels and psychobabble. Therefore, I define the ego in terms of energy. You can learn how to feel, sense, and know the different energies and how they feel in your body. This knowledge, if used, can put the real you in the driver’s seat, replacing your ego.

Your ego is that wall of dense energy you can feel around you from time to time when you feel misunderstood and alone. This wall is located around your authentic, flowing self and is trying to protect you from outside hurts and pain. You created this persona. It is composed of learned behaviors, automatic reactions, conditioned responses, and false beliefs that control and define your “reality.”

When you are in your ego you are not directly experiencing reality. When you do not directly experience reality, you are defensive, rigid, weak, flat, isolated, anxious, helpless, and ineffective. Even the best crafted egos, which we can call your Mr. or Ms. Perfect are weak and make you sickly.

If you want to achieve holistic health, you must separate from your ego which is composed of dense, stagnant, dark, heavy energy and choose to live in your authentic self, which is composed of strong, loving, effective, and vital energy. The choice you make is, truly — a matter of life and death.

Practice sensing your own ego and name it so you can tame it. My Dr. Tight-ass is not a warm, fuzzy lover of humanity. Your Ms. Never Satisfied is not either!


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