Assertiveness Training, Energy Awareness at Nature Workshop in May, 2015

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: See a Different Point of View.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Thanks for sharing some of your ACE’s last week. The most common Active Conscious Effort mentioned was walking. For those who missed the effective depression treatment tip, the ACE, read now:

Walking is wonderful. However, sometimes you need a physical act that is shorter, quicker, easier, and more convenient. So, continue creating safe, anxiety-free ACE’s to use when your energy becomes inert and you need more power.

Yesterday, in the women’s locker room of the Glenwood Springs Hot Pool, I was sitting on the bench, lathering on lots of lotion, (the air is so dry in Colorado you do not need to ever close the bag on your potato chips!) A new friend of mine was on my right, putting on her clothes, silently observing a first time visitor, who was getting help from me about how to handle her towel so she did not get it wet before she needed it to shower and how to lock her locker. She was on my left.

My towel advice was invaluable and much appreciated. The instructions about locking her locker were correct, nevertheless, the first time visitor’s money got stuck in the locker anyway. This led to a discussion among the three of us about the reason we even have to lock our possessions away from each other.

My new friend told a story about someone taking her old towel and a cheap shirt from her unlocked locker once. “I cannot understand why anyone would steal worthless items such as this from me.” I empathized and agreed with her, sincerely.

We both turned to look at the first time visitor. She was kicking the locker door vigorously, especially for her small size, to shake her money out. She suddenly stopped and said, “I am sure they just reached in and took everything without even looking at what they had!” Her quarters had not popped out, so she turned and walked out of the locker room in her black swimsuit, heading to the office to get her money back.

My new friend looked at me with an earnest expression on her face and gently said, “I never thought about that. Never once. She is probably right, they just grabbed everything without examining it. I have spent all this time searching for the reason someone would take things that were important to me but not valuable to them. Wow!”

I looked directly into her eyes, “That’s great. I never looked at it that way either.” After a moment of silent pondering between us, I continued, “This is the reason we need to hang out with each other more often and share our experiences. We get a completely new take on the situation.”

Tis true. Connecting, sharing, being close and intimate with others makes you more powerful, effective, and stronger. That is, if you are open to the new information and not shutting reality out by being closed and defensive. A new way of looking at your reality is one of the major benefits of working in groups.

If you feel open to new experiences, my in-person Nature Workshop is coming up May 2. You are sure to enjoy at least one major shift in awareness if you join our small group of women and men on the beach having personal growth fun in the sand.

In a safe, loving environment, you see new ways of looking at your life and POP! There are new possibilities that lead to more success. You learn physical ways to increase your energy immediately and new communication skills to become more effective in your relationships. You also enjoy a vibrant moment or two with others by the sea.


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