Personal Growth Advice: Put Power Tools in Your Toolbox, Learn How to Use Them!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Your Tools Effectively.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


What tools do you have in your personal growth toolbox?
Do you know where and how to use each tool?

Let’s look into your toolbox and see how prepared you are for personal and professional success. You need a toolbox full of the best tools you can find. Where do you look for effective, powerful tools?

Are the available psychological offerings approved by managed care insurance enough to help you be effective and successful in reaching your personal growth goals? At the top of the current evidence based list traditional psychologists are teaching you in 2015 we find: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and EMDR

When I look at this list as a holistic psychology with thirty-seven years of experience teaching people how to successfully overcome anxiety, I see a limited list of techniques, which are tools. Before managed care, psychologists offered these evidence-based psychological tools: Relaxation Therapy, Desensitization, Assertiveness Training, Reality Therapy, Paradoxical Intention, Consciousness Raising, Sex Therapy, and meditation. Consider getting an education in some of these powerful techniques.

In addition to the above tools, my toolbox has: Body Language, Energy Awareness, Creative Meditation, Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, Music Therapy, Body Awareness, Emotional Awareness, Psycho-physical Exercises, Visualization, and High Play.

Of course you need a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and pliers in your toolbox. Just one tool is not enough. Pick the most effective, powerful tools you can find and get your toolbox ready for personal growth. However, having the correct power tools in your toolbox is not enough.

Any technique is only as effective as the person using the tool. Do you know when, where, and how to use your CBT to be effective? Do you know when to you use your hammer and what to do with your mindfulness? You need good tools in the first place AND you must be able to use those tools effectively in real life.

For example, a friend recently complained to me that Relaxation Therapy had never helped him. He knew I studied with Joe Wolpe in the 1970’s. Dr. Wolpe, taught his students to desensitize people to anything that made them anxious using Relaxation Therapy. My friend complained to me that he had listened to so many relaxation audios and guided meditations over and over again and had never experienced any relief from his generalized anxiety.

My friend had Relaxation Therapy in his toolbox but he did not know how to use his relaxation tool effectively. To put a picture up on the wall, you have to pick up your hammer and hit the nail at the correct time, in the right way, to be effective. If you want to unlearn your anxiety responses you have to use your tool of relaxation with great precision.

If you do not use your relaxation response at the correct time to desensitize yourself to the proper specific stimulus then of course it does not work. Having the ability to relax, be mindful, meditate are not effective in the bigger picture of transformation unless you use your tools correctly. To be effective you must unlearn your unhelpful, anxious behaviors and avoidance reactions.

IMAGINE: You get your toolbox full of effective, power tools. You learn how to use your tools effectively so you hit the nail on the head, thereby reaching your personal and professional goals in 2015.


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