How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions? Practice the Proper Action Steps!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be successful.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Since positive change does not just happen, this means you have to Make It happen. So, to be successful, you must set in motion the mandatory actions that lead to your goals. Losing weight, eating better, feeling more self-confident, having a good sex life, and living more fully must be purposefully programmed for success.

For starters, you must know the real, physical pathway that leads to your goal. You need to know exactly what, when, where, and how to practice what you need to learn in order to reach your goal. Practicing the wrong behaviors at the wrong time can actually makes things worse, not better!

This always reminds me of Aunt Franny. Her physician told her to practice breathing twice every day for ten minutes. Caring about her health, Aunt Franny did as she was told. During a visit with Aunt Franny, she rushed out to the patio hyperventilating. She was breathless and red faced. Since this was not like Aunt Franny, I asked her what she was doing. She replied, “Practicing my breathing exercise, like my doctor told me to do for ten minutes.”

Wow, it was immediately clear her physician had not told her how to breathe properly. She was breathing the same old way she had always breathed. As a result, she was making herself hyperventilate. Instead of reducing her anxiety, her breathing practice had given her a full-blown panic attack. As a result, Aunt Franny’s heart was being damaged, instead of calmed down. Yes, I immediately gave her a lesson on how to breathe properly so that she did not hyperventilate and get herself into a panic the next time she did what the doctor ordered.

This is the reason it is imperative that you know how to breathe, relax, and be assertive in the proven ways that work. Just going out on your own, without the proper instructions from a competent teacher does not make you successful and effective. The correct education is essential. Also, be careful and picky when choosing your teachers. A client of mine recently increased her anxiety when she did what her Yoga teacher instructed her to do.

This means you need to work with professionals who are present with you in the moment and know the pathway that leads to your goals. Make sure you pick teachers, coaches, and holistic psychologists who practice what they preach. This means they show you, by example, how to reach your goals. Good mentors model the healthy behaviors you need to practice so you see the living proof of what they are teaching you.

IMAGINE: At the end of next year, you feel proud of yourself because you received the education you need. Then you practiced the new, correct skills so much that you became effective and successful in reaching your New Year’s Resolutions. Yahoo!


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