Color Therapy: Use Color to Feel Better and Heal Your Aches and Pains

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Color.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Do you think about color during the day?
Do you notice how you feel during the day?

Color affects your emotional, mental and physical health constantly even if you are not paying attention to the colors in your environment. Consider amping up your holistic health by paying more attention to color and consciously using color to become healthier in mind and body.

Colors are real, physical vibrations that hit your cells, body, and nervous system constantly. The light waves of various colors can pierce through many levels and layers of unhealthy matter. Regular readers of The Vibrant Moment may recall the pink jail cell and pink prison clothes, which reduced crime for the Texas sheriff. If you missed the Power of Pink, here is the free psychology article:

What color do you spend time in during your day? Consider the dramatically different results that are possible for you in the course of one day. For example, looking at my beautiful, Center City, turquoise blue swimming pool has a profoundly difference impact on me than looking at Philadelphia’s grey concrete sidewalks and black streets.

You can also use color to heal your body.

At one of my Nature Workshops, a woman had a severe pain in her right shoulder. Since you can use your intention and visualization to manifest color instantly, I asked the group members to help her reduce her pain. We created a circle around her and sent her green healing energy. After about a minute of sending color and a few minutes of silence feeling the affect of the color, her pain disappeared.

Group energy and working with a holistic psychologist are stronger and more powerful than just one person. Nevertheless, you can use color therapy on your own anytime you choose. So, the next time your shoulder or any other part of your body is hurting, try Color Therapy and see what happens.

Color Therapy Exercise

1. Take three deep breaths.
2. Relax your body so you can receive the color vibrations.
3. Intuit what color or colors you need.
4. See, imagine that color or colors flowing into the painful area.
5. Keep breathing and relaxing as you feel the color flowing in your body.
6. Keep breathing, relaxing, and feeling your emotions.
7. Let go and express any emotions that surface.
8. Be silent and still as you feel how the pain in your body changes.

The best way to know which color you need is to intuit it. Many of you may not trust your intuition but it is usually spot on! The way to tap into your intuition is to ask your body what color it needs. Wait for the answer to drop into your awareness. You may see the color, feel it, hear it, or just know it. Do not use deduction or thinking.

If you have not developed your intuition enough to trust it, you can always start out with white. White is safe and effective because it has all the color vibrations in it. The white may change automatically into the specific color you need during the color exercise.

You can also use the rainbow exercise where you use the six basic colors of red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and purple. When you hit the color that is most needed, you usually notice some shift in how you feel. Your body smiles and says, “Hey, I want more purple, that feels sooooo good!”

Take the time every day to notice color and use its healing vibrations to consciously feel better, think more clearly, and heal your aches and pains.

A colorful world is vibrant, healthy, and strong.


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