Personal Growth Tip: Let Go of Control for Natural Health and Wellness

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The way to be creative, healthy and happy is to let go of control. My kitchen table.




The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Make a Mess.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


Do you have a mess you need to clean up?

Could be the mess in your basement, the thoughts of perfection in your mind or the defensive energy that tightens your body.

All of these represent a mess. Your chaos can be literal, disguised, or denied! If you are obsessive compulsive and maintain a sense of control over your outside world you still have disorder inside you that needs to be acknowledged and cleaned up. If your body gets tight, for sure, you have a mess that needs to be exposed, owned, and cleaned up.

Spring cleaning is a necessary part of the transformational process. Having a mess that needs to be cleaned is essential. If you do not have a mess, this means you are controlling yourself and your environment so much you are not transforming energy. This means you are stuck in denial or perhaps something worse.

If you are controlling yourself so that you do not think you have a mess, let go of control. When you let go of control your disarray is exposed. You have been controlling yourself precisely because you did not want to make a mess or be a mess. Change this into being proud of your jumbo jumble and know that you have let go of your controlling ego state.

If you see your mess in the basement, take action and throw away the garbage. If you disguise or deny your chaos, help yourself by addressing the reasons you are too scared and anxious to let go of control. You cannot flow, change, create, and transform energy without letting go of control.

When you let go of control, your chaos becomes obvious. To grow, you must make a mess and then clean up your mess. Just like a child who is finger painting and all covered with paint who may one day be a famous artist. You must give yourself the freedom to make a mess and be a mess in order to create your masterpiece.

Creativity is the energy of spring. Get busy changing, flowing, and transforming energy so the lazy days of summer can be enjoyed.


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