Personal Growth Success Depends on Your Ability to Read Body Language and Human Energy Flow

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Virginia beach, sunrise, 2012

Virginia Beach, Early Sunrise, Oct. 2012, Doris Jeanette

The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Increase awareness.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

I was at jury duty all day yesterday on a homicide case in North Philadelphia. The kind and fair judge excused me from the case based on deduction.  The wise judge deduced that I would not be able to give a fair verdict to the defendant in this case.

His reasoning was that I had suffered from a crime that involved the same weapon as the one I would be hearing about in this new case and therefore would not be able to separate my own personal experience from the facts.

If this judge had been aware of body language and energy flow, he would have known for sure that I would be able to give his defendant a fair trial.  He would have seen with his own eyes my open heart, relaxed body and clear intent. He could have sensed for sure that my verdict would be fair.

If the judge had the ability to ready body language and energy flow, he would not pick the people he was picking to sit in judgment on this young African-American man. The judge was choosing people who were closed-hearted, highly anxious, very depressed and extremely judgmental.

Just imagine how dramatically your world will change when you stop using deduction to know and begin to increase your awareness of the physical energy around you.  The more you perceive the real energy of the world around you, the more powerful you become.

If the judge had the ability to read body language and sense energy, he would have seen that the defendant was not a mean-spirited, insensitive person.  He would also have known that I held no prior prejudice against his defendant. He would have known that I was open to hearing the case against him.

Just imagine how dramatically the world will change when more and more people increase their awareness of the world they live in.

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