Holistic Health Lessons From Sandy About Anxiety Attacks, Panic, Fear

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Sitting in my living room looking up at the tall trees blowing fiercely in my back yard view in Center City, Philadelphia, I am scared.  Sandy will soon hit the New Jersey shore and my home is 100 miles inland between two rivers.

With all other storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, Philadelphia, PA has been safe.  Losing power is rare and not that scary. However, Sandy is a new force, a new concern, because it has so much energy that it could easily overpower and damage many of us in the projected pathway.

Currently, the people on the barrier islands of New Jersey, who did not leave their homes even though they were given a mandatory evacuation notice, are panicking. They are panicking because the level of water is rising so rapidly. Unfortunately, it is too late for them to get out and people may not be able to rescue them from the real danger until tomorrow morning.

Living through natural disasters like Sandy helps us understand how anxiety, fear and panic affect us.  Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are not strange and do not come out of the blue.  Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are natural consequences that occur when people deny and ignore real fears and real dangers.

Which way do you respond to real life dangers like Sandy?

1.  “There is nothing to be afraid of, everything will be alright. There is no reason to evacuate, it’s just a hurricane.”
2.  “Oh my, help, help! Sandy will be terrible, bad and awful, I have to get away immediately to safety.”
3. “There is a real danger coming. How can I protect myself and keep myself safe from harm with as little inconvenience as possible?”

As many of you know, the new, holistic psychology approach is based on the laws of energy.  Read the definition of the new, holistic psychology here: http://www.drjeanette.com/newpsychology.html

When we apply energy laws to anxiety attacks and panic attacks, we can understand the reason they occur.  Anxiety attacks and panic attacks occur when you deny any real danger or perceived danger.

When you deny a real fear of any sort, you will experience a massive amount of anxiety and panic at some point in the future. The denied energy will increase to the point that this pent up energy cannot be contained anymore and it will eventually have to be released.

Therefore, panic attacks and anxiety attacks occur after you have denied a real fear.  Anxiety attacks do not occur out of the blue from nothing. Thus, it is to your advantage to pay attention to everything you are really afraid of, even when your fear is in interpersonal relationships.

Your real fear is not irrational and ridiculous.  Your real fear will help you get ready for what you are afraid of and this preparation is exactly what you need to do to be safe.  Your real fear will guide you into protecting yourself from any real harm such as a hurricane like Sandy or a painful interaction with another person.

As I finish writing this free holistic psychology newsletter, Sandy has passed and I did not experience any harm, even though I was prepared for the worst.  Most of the people who were panicking in New Jersey seem to be alright.  If you are suffering from anxiety as a result of Sandy get the help you need so that you are prepared for the next natural disaster. Get ready with the Home Study Course, “Overcome Anxiety Naturally” at: http://www.drjeanette.com/anxietyonlinecourse.html

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