Prevent Sexual Abuse by Catholic Priests and Coaches: Show Children How to Be Assertive


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In the Philadelphia area this week we had two major sex abuse trials come to an end.  The priests in Philadelphia have been found guilty of sexually abusing our children for decades. This occurred and continues to occur with full permission from the Catholic bishops and Catholic cardinals.

Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of sexually abusing the children in his own charity both at his home and on the campus at Penn State for decades. He also had permission to continue his behavior after it was brought before law enforcement officers and university officials years earlier.

All of these precious children are now adults. They were betrayed by their religion, school authorities, parents and conditioning.

The men who have been found guilty are only a tip of the iceberg.  Do not be surprised if you know someone who has sexually abused a child or is currently sexually abusing a child.

What can we do to stop sexual abuse?

After 35 years of successfully helping men and women who have been sexually abused reclaim their self-confidence, self-respect and sexuality, I have some answers.

Let’s look at how we are conditioned.

Did your parents:
1.  Give you the right to speak truthfully to them about sex?
2.  Encourage you to be honest about adults you did not like?
2.  Teach you to be polite and kind to everyone?
3.  Scare you into being submissive with adults?
4.  Tell you to obey priests and authorities?
5.  Teach you to follow orders?

Conditioning plays a huge role in sex abuse, not only for the victim, but also for the abuser and those that allow the abuse to continue.  None of the people involved in sex abuse are assertive.  They are scared and passive.

It may come as a surprise to you that the abuser is scared and passive.  Sex abusers are unable to have equal adult relationships.  That is the reason they prey on vulnerable children.

The bottom-line is that if your parents did not model assertive behavior for you, then you did not learn to be assertive.  You will respond as you were conditioned to respond.

What behavior do you model for your nephews, nieces and the children of the world? To stop sexual abuse, children need to see adults being assertive in real life events.

You could learn to be assertive no matter what you were conditioned to be.  As an adult, you can take courses and classes in assertive behavior. You do not have to be stuck with ineffective ways of being in the world.

Then you would model assertive behavior for all the children in your world.  One of them just might bump into a coach or priest who starts to abuse them.  They would have a positive, assertive image in their mind of how to get help and stop adults from hurting them.


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