Grandmother’s Bullies Bullied at Home?

If you have not read about the verbal abuse a group of young children dumped on the 68-year-old grandmother on the school bus read about it at CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Bullying is learned behavior.  The 68-year-old grandmother who was bullied by insensitive children on the school bus where probably bullied at home.

The answer to overcoming bullying in our society is to teach our children how to respect, love and care about themselves so that they will respect, love and care about others. Then they will be assertive, not bullies.

Grandmothers, children and parents do not know how to be assertive and take care of themselves. They are passive or aggressive.  Bullying is a form of aggression, coming from a place of feeling powerless.

Assertiveness, on the other hand, comes from feeling powerful.  Assertive behavior is a spontaneous expression that is strong, brave, and courageous, and it comes from someone who feels self-respect.

The act of posting the video on youtube was an assertive act. The responses of compassion toward the Grandmother are acts of assertiveness.

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