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The Vibrant Moment – Holistic Health Tip: Be assertive.
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“My wife will not hug me anymore.”  “My partner does not pay any attention to me romantically, he has one excuse after another.”

These are the type of comments I often hear from my clients who are in relationships.  The love, sex and closeness fade away and people settle into a boring and mundane coexistence.  Or they get divorced, break up, are always fighting and one of them has an affair.

Prevention does not seem to be on anyone’s mind. When it comes to relationships, prevention is just as important as it is with your physical health.

You could prevent relationship problems by addressing them when they first occur instead of avoiding them or hoping they will get better.  As soon as you start to feel unhappy, accept this information as a signal.  This is a red flag message that could be heeded.

Addressing your issues in a relationship will empower you and make you feel better no matter what has happened or will happen in your relationship.

Instead of feeling helpless, get the help you need to face your problems.  One of the first and most powerful things you can do is learn to be assertive.

If you can be assertive in your relationship, you will get what you want and need. Your personal growth will pay off and you will be happy and fulfilled no matter what the other person does or does not do.


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