Family Stress, Holiday Blues?

Unpleasant Family Interactions, Stress and Holiday Blues…..

are due to experiencing yourself as controlled by outside factors,
family members, guilt or judgment.

How much attention do you pay to how you control yourself?

If you want to be secure, joyful and have more fun–pay attention
to how you control yourself.

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Control is anything you use to avoid reality at any given moment in time.
You may have the best intentions in the world, such as becoming healthier
and happier, and still end up controlling yourself.

For example, if you are in therapy or some healing process, you might say
to yourself, “I have to heal myself. I have to become healthy. I have to
do it this way, to do it the right way.”

You end up doing the things you “should” do or are “supposed” to do,
to heal yourself. Whether your goal is to be more spiritual, or to control
your diet, or control your exercise. The result is you are making yourself
be a certain way. You are in a state of unhealthy control when you must
exercise a certain way or eat in a certain way.

You begin to recognize control by the energy behind your words, actions
and behaviors. You cannot recognize control by the content. The content
is full of lies, which your ego tells you. Words lie. Energy does not.

This is the reason I teach you to pay attention to your
energy and to learn to tell the difference in healthy energy and controlling
energy so you can stand in your power with your family and friends.

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Enjoy your holidays by freeing yourself from control.

Stand in your power with family and friends.

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Keep warm, love yourself and laugh,

Doris Jeanette

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