How to Heal Repressed Trauma

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A person on the Quora website asked, “How can I access repressed
trauma from my past?”

Some of the Talk Therapist’s answers offered were not empathic or
helpful. Some therapists even challenged the fact that trauma can be
adequately recalled which could make a person’s trauma worse, not
better. When effective, loving answers are not available on Quora is
when I sometimes take the time to offer a more helpful point of view.

Since Freud’s brilliant clinical work with patients, we know many
ways to help people access their unconscious memories. Even though
psychoanalysis was called the “talking cure,” the therapists did not
do much talking. Instead, they encouraged their patients to access
the vital reality living in their dark, deep unconscious. They did
this by encouraging their patients to express anything that came to
their awareness via free association.

Here is my evidence-based answer to the question on Quora about how
to access repressed trauma:

“Wise therapists know that everyone has some repressed childhood
trauma. We have all been hurt. When we are hurt we repress unless we
express. Very few children live in an emotionally safe environment
where they can express their hurt. Repressing your hurt is the mental
health problem and this is the reason you need healing and love.

The best way to recall your repressed childhood trauma is by
listening to your body. Your body holds all of your trauma. Body
awareness must increase so that you cannot be fooled by words and
psychobabble. Psychobabble keeps you stuck forever. Words lie. Your
body cannot lie.

A therapeutic massage would be a safe place to begin. Do not talk.
Listen to your body when it is touched. Feel your emotions. You may
cry soon and the images of one of your traumas could flash into your
awareness. Do not talk. The images could also be of you being
unloving toward someone or yourself. Make sure your massage person
is comfortable allowing you to feel your emotions. Just breathe and
feel. Do not talk.

The reason Talk Therapy is limited is because talking interferes with
emotional expression. After you fully express your emotions in any way
that feels safe to you, you need to learn how to love your wounded
self and heal her wounds. An emotionally safe teacher or therapist
knows how to help you feel your emotions and express your hurt. She
also knows how to help you fully express your hurt so that it is no
longer repressed energy that is trapped in your body.”

Please be careful with how much you talk and the words you say.
Notice the energy and results. Just talking about your trauma
reinforces your experience and can make it worse. The expressive arts
can help you access your trauma. Accessing your trauma does not heal
you. You must fully express your genuine emotions to get rid of the
repressed energy that is held in your body tissue. When you are no
longer defending yourself by constricting your body, healthy, healing
energy begins to flow in the areas that you have allowed to relax.

When you feel healthy flowing energy in your body, you have fully let
go of your repressed trauma. Then and only then, are you free to be
yourself. Freedom is the end result of healing.

If you need guidance staying with your emotions through this healing
process, the Opening the Heart audio series is an effective companion.
You learn to “breathe and feel” as loving vibrations guide and support
you staying with your emotions as long as needed. You need weeks,
not minutes. Listen to the calming sounds often as you step by step
have the courage to remove defensive energy from your body.


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