How to Be Safe in Hurricanes and Scary Situations

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Safe and Sane.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Transformation Coach, Holistic Psychology Mentor

When I felt the energy of the three strong hurricane storms in the Atlantic last week, I felt fear. Pure, raw, fear. No anxiety, just plain terror. Hurricanes have more power than humans. Terror is what humans feel when we meet a force that is stronger and bigger. This human feeling is real, appropriate and helpful.

When you feel fear do you accept this reality and heed it’s warning? Or do you deny that you feel afraid, going on your unconscious way. Or perhaps, you exaggerate your genuine emotion into panic and scare yourself to death.

The only way to deal with energy that is truly stronger and bigger than you is to take a breath and meet it as an equal. This means you feel your authentic physical and emotional feelings. You must feel the reality of who you are and what you have encountered. Then, your real fear leads you into safe places, safe behaviors and sanity.

Without your fear you are living in your thoughts, thinking, instead of activating your fear response which automatically moves you into safety. When you do not feel your body and emotional feelings you create the symptoms of mental illness, anxiety, depression and dysfunctional behaviors.

Therefore, the most effective behavior is to feel your real fear and heed its warnings. When you feel your feelings you automatically take a rational pathway to safety because you stay in reality instead of jumping out of your body away from that which you need to experience. When you leave your body, you leave Mother Earth, gravity, sanity and safety.

Separating yourself from reality means you are vulnerable to all sorts of mental and physical problems. Stay safe and sane by feeling your fear, one breath at a time. If you have trouble feeling your fear listen to the audio “Fear. The pathway to freedom and joy” included in the Opening the Heart audio, over and over again until you feel your fear without denying it or exaggerating it.

Don’t be caught in a dangerous situation with panic or denial. Take action now to unlearn your unconscious reactions by learning to feel your feelings.

FEEL YOUR FEELINGS. Being safe and sane instead of letting your brain overreact to real fear is effective, powerful and fun. Enjoy overcoming your conditioned responses and feeling your real emotions. Order Opening the Heart, three hours of audio leads you out of thinking into feeling reality and enjoying the pleasures on earth.

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