How to Enjoy Your Family More During the Holidays

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Here is a question from a reader that most of us can identify with. If you give my suggestions a try, you may enjoy the Holiday session with your family more than usual:

***How can somebody erase the parental damage without spending their whole life “working” at the project, thus depriving themselves of hours and hours of time from their own “real” life?

***Then, Part Two, how to get over the anger at being saddled with this burden in the first place.

Pretty overwhelming, right?

Here’s where I quote “Marcia’s Conundrum.” “The problem is the problem.” If I didn’t have the problem, I wouldn’t be stuck in it. But I do have it, and I often fail to break free. It is fairly unsolvable. But I still have to deal with it. Or, stay stuck in chewing gum. No way out. It’s another version of Catch 22. “I could solve this problem if I didn’t have this problem.”

A shrug would be useful here. Or, I can pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Ignore it. Just keep going and look for guideposts along the way. Like YOU!”

Thank you, kindly. I am glad my pain renders some guideposts along the way. Being stuck in the exact, same place years ago: Being mad at my parents for brainwashing me. I discovered: You can unlearn your unhealthy conditioning from your family, (the problem) and enjoy the process of becoming free and happy, (life without the problem.)

I had a moment of enlightenment as I took my own advice of breathing and feeling on the exhalation. Eureka! I “realized” that being “resentful,” that I had The Problem that I inherited from my parents was keeping me stuck with The Problem forever and ever.

I thought of all the pollution on the earth. I could spend all my time, energy, and effort being upset and blaming all the people before me who messed up my planet. Or, I could start to clean up the place I live in so my time here would be more enjoyable.

Almost like magic, I found that when I gave up my resentment, which is a “defensive” anger, not an authentic anger, about having the problem, I could do what was necessary to solve the problem. The benefits of feeling free and happy were worth far more than any time, energy, or effort involved in taking responsibility for getting rid of the problem. Wow! I did not have to continue to be inadequate and unhappy, just because my parents where inadequate and unhappy!

Guilt is the catch-22 energy that keeps you stuck in chewing gum, tar, or molasses. Remove the lose-lose mental mindset that you have been conditioned with and put in its place a win-win emotional reality for yourself. When I stopped blaming myself OR my family for having the problem – viola, I was able to take care of myself in ways my parents could not. Thereby, solving the problem.

Feeling free and happy is worth whatever is required. I love vibrant moments. It does not matter that my family is not always happy with me because I am not riddled with judgment, blame, and guilt. I am.

They can follow me into a guilt free life or stay stuck in their nasty, old chewing gum energy of guilt. Without guilt, humans are not only free, but kind.


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