How to Stop Your Addiction by Receiving More Pleasure

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Good More Often.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How much pleasure do you allow yourself to enjoy?

’Tis Sunday morning, I am feeling divine, sipping my tasty Starbucks coffee. I love strong flavors and their Christmas Blend really “hits the spot!” That is, if I “hit the spot.” All week long I did not “hit the spot” with my coffee making. Gratefully, I am savoring this vibrant moment with my A+ coffee, which tastes like chocolate, wine, and other spicy notes I cannot label.

Simple pleasures like sipping a divine cup of coffee remind me of the sweet, precious moments of love I shared with my mother over coffee. Love moves back and forth between people when they feel safe and open with each other. When trust and respect are present in your relationships, loving vibrant moments are sure to happen.

However, feeling good does not require another person. Nope. All that is required is giving yourself some simple pleasures. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I was depriving myself of a delightful pleasure. Finally, I “broke down” and made a fire one night in my cozy little home in center city, Philadelphia.

The pleasure of listening to Joanne Shenandoah, a Native American singer, send her beautiful sounds into my soul as I lost myself into a blazing fire was “over the moon!” As is often the case in consciousness, I was not aware that I was depriving myself of enjoying a fire, until I gave myself the pleasure that had been denied.

You will notice this as you move forward with your personal growth. Try lathering yourself in more pleasures to help you illuminate your self-deprivation, self-rejection, and self-punishment.

Years ago I read an article in Sierra Magazine that wood burning fires, which I grew up with in rural NC as the only heat in the house, were not good for the environment. Since then, I rarely burn fires because I want cleaner air to breathe.

However, like all sweet things in life, you can enjoy them in moderation. I bought this house in 1979 because it had two fireplaces. I do not own a car, hardly ever use air conditioning and never waste energy. I can enjoy a few fires without feeling guilty.

Yes, guilt is usually the nasty energy that keeps you from giving yourself more pleasure. It is better to overcome guilt and stop this sticky energy from ruining your life. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences of self-deprivation.

Yes, never forget that pleasure puts at bay anxiety, depression, violence, addiction, and disease. Yes, various forms of unhealthy energy is what happens to people who are controlled by guilt and do not give themselves enough pleasure in their daily doings.

Go ahead, give yourself more pleasure, then stand up to your Inner Critic and lay your fears dead at your feet.


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