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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

Here is a fascinating study to help you appreciate how hard it is to unlearn certain unhelpful habits. However, please do not use this information to discourage you or stop you from unlearning irrational reactions that you learned from your parents.

Dr. Brian Dias’s research with male rats at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta provides evidence that unhealthy, irrational conditioning passes from one generation to the next and the next. The amazing thing about this study is that it proves anxiety occurs in future generations due to something besides modeling, education, and instruction.

Males rats were shocked when they were exposed to the smell of cherry blooms. The next generation of rats and the next also had an anxiety response when they smelled cherry blooms. This is quite remarkable. We do not know how this occurs. Is this irrational anxiety response passed down through DNA or some other biological information system?

Take a moment to consider what this could mean in your situation. If your parents where part of the great depression or the holocaust, what effect would their trauma have on you? We already know you learned many anxiety responses directly from what your parents taught you and how they modeled behaviors for you.

Now we know there is something else going on inside you besides direct learning. Is it molecules of energy? Take a look at your children and consider what you may have passed on to them from your parents. Trauma lives on and on. You pass your anxiety to the next generation until you consciously stop it and unlearn your irrational reactions.

If you have a strange behavior or unusual reaction to something, ask your grand parents what they lived through. Ask them what experiences they were exposed to. Did someone shock them when they were playing in the forest?

Their life experiences may have much more to do with you, and your children, than you realize.


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