How to Become More Sensitive and Self-confident

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Explore Reality.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Recently a family member asked, “What is the difference between imagining something and perceiving something that is really there but others do not perceive?”

I have often asked myself this question as well as energy teachers and experts. The answer is not always clear. The major reason research with energy is hard to do and hard to repeat is because energy changes so quickly and so fast.

Quantum physics proved many years ago that once consciousness looks at something, consciousness, itself, influences the results. So, it is impossible to remove you, the consciousness, that is studying the phenomenon, from reality. Since you cannot remove yourself you need to get to know yourself and how you affect your surroundings.

When you use your powerful imagination, you are the source. You create an image and use it to advance your personal growth, write a book, improve a talent, or increase your success. As a holistic psychologist I know you can also use your imagination to create mental illness, emotional distress, anxiety, and failure. Your imagination is a powerful tool that you use for or against yourself.

Being able to perceive something that is really there, but many people do not tune into, is an entirely different experience. You can learn to feel the difference. You cannot think the difference because it is your thoughts that effect and try to control matter.

For example, some dogs, after training, smell cancer with over a 92% success rate. Can you? Cancer is really there but maybe you cannot currently perceive it. However, some humans see cancer, others feel it, and some smell it. Certain humans, such as medical intuitives, are as accurate as dogs in perceiving cancer because they have developed their abilities to feel and know.

When you are learning to smell something that is really there but you cannot smell, it helps to have an experienced teacher. The teacher validates what you experience or corrects your misperception. This is similar to the way dogs learn to smell cancer when they are being trained. Currently, this is the most reliable way to learn to perceive something that is really there but it is slightly out of your perception.

When you do not have access to a teacher, you can say to yourself, “This may be true and it may not be true. Let me see if I am fearful or anxious.” Anxiety or fear always interfere with accurate perceptions. If you are not afraid or anxious, there is a higher probability that you are correct.

It may also help to remember your science class in school where you learned about the JND. The Just Noticeable Difference is “the difference between two stimuli that (under properly controlled experimental conditions) is detected as often as it is undetected.” The Just Noticeable Difference is different in everyone and it can change. I often tout the advantages of being a Highly Sensitive Person because you have a higher JND when it comes to toxins and disease.

When you perceive something that is really there, as opposed to imaging something that is really there, you are able to validate your experience with outside physical or metaphysical data. However, the data may not be immediately available. It may take time, research, and repeated experiments to see if what you perceive is OUTSIDE of your imagination and if it has a presence of its own.

I use energy and nature to help identify the truth. Whether the perception is my own, or someone else, I give it the energy test. The energy of “bullshit” is lightweight, jerky, dark, flimsy, unreliable, and weak. “Bullshit” is flat being one- dimensional. Flat is also the energy of your ego, which is learned.

In contrast, the energy of truth is sturdy, steady, solid, reliable, and strong. The truth is three-dimensional existing in space so it feels very different from flat. The truth is holistic; it is like your authentic self as opposed to your ego. Truth is of nature and is here to stay.

You have the ability to learn to perceive many more helpful and exciting aspects of reality. Amp up or get started in developing your skills so you expand your awareness of the valuable information inside of you and outside of you. Look inward and outward for that which is real, steady, solid, and flowing like nature.

Always notice if you are part of the whole or in mental delusion.


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