Personal Growth Power Tool: Remember the Good Stuff!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Remember the good stuff.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

What are you thinking in this moment?
What do you remember at the end of the day?

Take time to notice. A fascinating observation I have made over the 38 years I have been successfully helping people reach holistic mental health could be useful to you. If you put this self-improvement observation into daily practice you could dramatically improve your results.

I have noticed that there is an amazing difference between how my clients use their memory in between sessions. This difference results in either dramatic, regular, or slow personal growth.

The clients that remember throughout the week the positive experiences they had during a private session with me make dramatic progress. The clients that have a positive experience and then do not think about this breakthrough again during the week make slower personal growth progress.

Begin to observe your use of memory. How you use your memory can make or break your personal growth program. Do you remember and think about the positive events in your life? Or do you forget about them and think they were a strange fluke?

If you forget about your small positive events, experiences, feelings, or sensations you are not taking advantage of the successful learning that has already occurred. You learned something helpful but you immediately forget that you learned it. This is not helpful.

Therefore, I systematically use positive memory, along with positive reinforcement, in the written lessons of my Overcome Anxiety Naturally home study course. Each lesson teaches you to pay attention to and remember your tiny, baby steps forward. When you remember the positive events that happen to you again and again, this dramatically improves your self-esteem.

This new self-confidence is based on solid reality. You did experience a positive learning and you remember it and build on this reality instead of throwing it away. It really helps to have someone remind you to remember!

When you do not remember a wonderful compliment from another person that happened yesterday, it is as if this positive feedback did not occur. You are trashing the learning and acting like it was not real or valid. Your Inner Critic wins and you lose.

If you often forget compliments, change your behavior to help you believe and integrate the positive experience into your self-esteem. Use your memory like the power tool it is.


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