Personal Growth Tip: Slay Your Inner Critic With Writing

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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Slay Your Inner Critic
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Does your Inner Critic still have the upper hand?
Do you let your brain tell you what you should and should not do?

In 2005, a published writer and teacher listened to my tele-seminar, “De-fang Your Inner Critic to Find Your Voice.”  During this holistic psychology tele-seminar, I interviewed my dear friend Emily Hanlon, author of the best-selling book, Petersburg.  Yesterday, the published writer shared this story with me in an e-mail.

“I still remember that call, and I use it for myself and when talking to other writers. I have two thirteen-year old cousins who are writers, and we have our own mini-retreats. Yes, that is a pure joy for me. 🙂 Your approach to the Inner Critic is SO good for them in writing and in life. I wish I’d had that at their age.”

What is so wonderful about this feedback is that it proves you can learn to stand up to your Inner Critic.  It also proves that once you know how to stand up to your Inner Critic, you can teach others to do the same.

So many people, especially parents, do not even know they are being controlled by their Inner Critic.  They go through life automatically listening, following and obeying the negative thoughts in their head.  Consequently, they teach their children to obey the should and should nots that have been handled down for centuries by rigid, controlling, unconscious thought patterns.

This is the reason the brilliant philosopher Nietzsche talked about the herd mentality of humankind.  The masses are controlled by their rigid, controlling thought patterns.  Millions of people are stuck in this mass consciousness, which Nietzsche called the herd.  The herd mentality follows false beliefs and negative conditioning without breaking free from the chains that have them locked in the dark prison of their own unconscious.

Everyone on the planet has an Inner Critic. This is a given.  Your Inner Critic is located in your brain and is fueled by judgmental thoughts. The judgmental thoughts that your Inner Critic spews out on you and others are learned from outside sources. The results of letting your Inner Critic dominate your personality are relationship problems, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, mental health problems and physical disease.

If you cannot recognize the voice of your Inner Critic in your own head, the first thing you need to do is expose its nasty comments to your conscious mind.  You need to know when your Inner Critic is talking to you or you will always be controlled by its judgmental energy.  Your left brain is very clever and often a bully.  Therefore, your Inner Critic has the power to confuse you, fool you and even reverse reality on you.

After you learn to recognize the voice of your Inner Critic, then you must learn the assertiveness skills needed to stand up to its constant fault finding.  Once you become strong enough, smart enough and willing enough to stand up to your Inner Critic, you break free from its irrational thoughts, find your authentic voice and walk your truth.

If you have children in your life, please teach them about their Inner Critic and show them how to stand up to its judgmental thoughts.  Do not teach your children to obey rigid, false beliefs and please do not condition your children into the herd mentality.


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