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Last night I read about another new study that explains how expressing emotions is good for your health.

Researchers at the University of Jena in Germany found that getting your anger out and being hot-tempered is actually helpful in extending your lifespan.

The study authors said that their research may even offer evidence to support the fact that the more expressive Mediterranean people of Europe live longer than northerners.

Please note that the reason Mediterranean people live longer may not be the Mediterranean diet.  The real reason may be the Mediterranean culture that allows and encourages people to be emotionally expressive.

Six thousand participants took part in the investigation to see what holding back one’s emotions can do to health.  The researchers found that those who repressed their feelings were at risk for developing diseases.

How? Internalizing strong emotions raised the pulse rate of participants.   This physical body reaction over time leads to heart disease, cancer and other physical problems.

Please note how blocking your emotions effects your physical body. When you do not let yourself feel your authentic emotions, you get physically sick.

According to the Medical Daily, the people who block their emotions “are distinguished by the way that they attempt to conceal outward signs of fear, and also by their defensive behavior,” said study author Marcus Mund. “They avoid risks and always seek a high level of control over themselves and their surroundings,” he added.

What do you need to do to be physically and mentally healthy in the upcoming New Year? Feel your authentic emotions. This means you must let go of control over yourself and feel what you really feel.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to get the education and help you need to feel your emotions.  If you are in the habit of  repressing, denying and ignoring your emotions, you need to learn the new behavior of expressing your emotions.

You must unlearn your automatic behavior of blocking your emotions which is damaging your body and could be killing you. Then you need to feel and express your emotions in effective, life-enhancing ways.


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