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Psychological research has found that almost 80% of the
communication between people is nonverbal. There is even
a Journal of Nonverbal Communication being published in

This means the most valuable communication skill you could
possess is the ability to read body language. Body language
is real and this concrete data is here to be reckoned with
as long as you are in the physical plane.

Just image how much it would help you in your life if you
paid more attention to body language.   Your communication
with others would dramatically improve.  You would have a
definite advantage over your competitors no matter what
business you are in.

Reading body language will give you a definite edge in
your personal and professional life.  For example, if you
are a psychologist, holistic health coach or massage
therapist, just think of all the benefits you would gain
from being able to read body language.

Body language cuts through to the bottom line immediately
so you can help your clients move forward more quickly
and effectively.

Benefits of Reading Body Language

You know instantly without words:
1. When your client is in a bad mood.
2. When he is defensive and closed.
3. When she is open and loving.
4. When he is depressed or anxious.
5. The moment he relaxes and feels better.
6. The moment she tightens up and feels sad.
7. How secure he really is no matter what he said.

A skillful massage therapist or holistic health
practitioner can use body language feedback to adjust
their touch, change the topic, hold back what they were
going to say or take another approach.

There are not many people who can read body language and
there are not many qualified places to learn how to read
body language.

You could be one of the first to learn this valuable
communication skill and use your knowledge to create
better results in your personal and professional


hour tele-class, “An Introduction to Body Language”
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need to begin to observe people accurately.  If there
is enough interest, we will follow this class with a
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or in the fall.

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