How to Take Care of Yourself and Stop Pleasing Others

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Check in with yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

Do you find yourself caught up in other people’s energy without
noticing it?

All of a sudden you are talking so much your food is not being chewed
properly for a happy landing in your stomach. Drinking too much when
with friends create self-destructive behavior. Spending too much money
makes you weak and insecure. How much energy are you wasting on things
that do not feed or nourish you?

Unfortunately, it is effortless to go along with the crowd. It is
easy to get caught up in other people’s energy without being aware
you have left your authentic self behind. Automatically pleasing
others is how you were probably conditioned to be as a child. You
could also be pleasing your own Inner Critic so much that you do not
even recognize your true self when she shows up. Your emotional self
could be hiding in the closet, eager to come out and play if you
would only love her and set her free.

The reality of resonating with one’s environment explains the reason
dictators excite the crowds with their energy so much people get
caught up in the furor of their irrational energy. The Law of
Resonate is universal and applies to The Emperor without Clothes. The
Emperor is alive due to his energetic use of propaganda and your
inability to be true to yourself. The crowd goes along with the lies
and insanity without checking in with their heart.

STOP. Take a breath. Feel your body. Move out of automatic knee jerk

Stop being pulled into the energy of others. Their energy could be
irrational. To be a self-confident person you need to check in with
what you feel or think every minute of the day. With AI now making it
even more difficult to know the truth, you need to get skillful at
stopping your defensive reactions to anything in your world. If you
don’t, you become an automaton. Democracy only works if people are
true to their hearts and souls.

If you are easily lead astray, you are being controlled by others. If
humans don’t get a strong movement going toward sanity and truth, Mother
Earth will have no reason to keep us alive. Get grounded, stay close
to Mother Earth and be true to your self.

Seek integrity at all costs.

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