My, My Maine.

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My, My Maine. I love Maine.

We were heading up the coast, as you remember, from a refreshing, grounding walk in Wolf Neck Park. Our room was waiting for us, at Bath, Maine.

We remembered our last visit, in these parts.

It was most unpleasant because we did not have a home for the night. This section of Maine is one of the prettiest places to play. I like to play, which means, not knowing where I am going every minute of the day.

I want to relax and flow. Being out in the wilds is wonderful, but when there are no rooms in an area I get nervous so I cannot relax and enjoy myself. Last time we were in Bath, it was late at night. We were frantically looking for a room in the driving rain. We drove down many dead ends, before becoming weary, giving up, and leaving this cute little town.

We ended up with a dirty room and terrible, tasteless Chinese food for dinner….twas the only choice, late at night, in these parts.

This was my payment for playing all day at the dreamy, foggy, beach parks. This is one of the areas where all those land fingers reach out deep into the sea so the earth is craved out in luscious views and vistas. But few rooms in the inn.

Learning our lesson, we planned ahead. Research on google turned up The Inn at Bath, how easy is that to remember? Right in the middle of town. The colors on the trees were peaking in the town and at the beach.

Vibrant Moments where happening all over the place. Being in the middle of colored trees all around you is heaven. Being at the beach is heaven. Put the two together….wow!

Elisabeth Knowlton, the Inn Keeper and owner, was a well organized host. Our key was there, the fireplace was there, the hot tub was there and we could relax and savor our day in Nature and look forward to playing in the fingers.

For dinner, she sent us up the hill, a few short blocks into the cute town of Bath. We walked among colorful trees to the Solo Bistro. Food for picky people. Pleased the taste buds and so so upscale. Who would have thought you could find fine wine in Bath? Perfect for us center city folks.

The next morning after enjoying the people at the breakfast table, here take a look…


The man on the left gave me some marketing tips. Amazing what you learn from others.

We headed to the fingers for our last beach hit before going to an area of Maine I have never seen before…

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