Maine was wonderful, Earth at Her Best

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The Visit to Rachel Carson’s park happened after a luxurious stay at the Cliff House in Maine, where I had my very first body wrap. Was pleased and surprised a strange shiny material could relax me so much. I could not move from the recovery room for hours. Just sitting and enjoying the feel of the body in a nonresistance state…..Jenna, my traveling partner, was able to sit still for the same amount of time which is quite remarkable for her. She had the same body wrap, a Juniper one……both of us, limp, in bathrobes, looking out over the cliffs and sea……yummy. They even had a lap swimming pool for us to use.

On the way to the Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, we saw the most gorgeous red maple tree in a graveyard. Colored autumn trees in cemeteries are one of my most favorite things to photograph. Here is one of them.

Red tree in maine

Blown away by the Inn By The Sea, it is better than most houses, we decided to eat in our lovely living room for the evening. All of our plans to go into Portland, only six miles north, for an night out on the town disappeared as we enjoyed our warm, cozy home. The wine we bought on sale was terrible but who cared. The weather was misty and other worldly. The private walk to the beach was satisfying in autumn tones and sea salt breaths.

The Inn By The Sea is a major leader in Green Lodging, which I am going to tell you lots more about. They get high marks from me and I plan to have them on my radio show, “Live at the Edge” so stay posted. I want them to tell you all about Green Lodging.

Next we hit the outlet at LL Bean, of course… However, we didn’t buy much for a change cause they have outlets in Delaware now so it is not the big deal it once was….

When I am in this area, I have to go by Wolf Neck Park. My memory was so bad about how to get there we ended up having to back track 20 miles to find it. It is hard to find, so ask someone in Freeport before you leave to get on the correct, rural road. A small, but pretty, water- earth- forest park by the sea. Walk with your bare feet on the pine needles and wet green moss. Sit in the sun and feel warm and loved by Mother Earth. Let the sea clear you of clutter.

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