How to Be Happy and Full of Joy

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Bring Back Your Joy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Teacher, Mentor

Last month I shared how to relax into stress by trusting yourself and your natural processes. Read about how to transform overwhelming energy if you missed it:

Thank the cosmos, I was able to follow my own advice. For the last two weeks, I have been able to enjoy my daily swim and relax in the shade afterwards, while looking up at the beautiful blue sky. What a joy!

I was stuck in a defensive response to stress. Nothing kills joy faster than defensive energy. This is the reason I am highly motivated to get rid of defensive energy as fast as possible. How often do you get stuck in a defensive reaction?

“No one understands me. No one cares about me,” my client said after the end of a story about how an unkind person related to him. He didn’t say it, but I could feel that he included me in with all the rest of the people in his life. He did not think that I understood or cared about him either.

After forty years of experience working with defensive energy, I know that when someone is defensive, they do not trust me. I also know that when someone does not trust me, there is nothing I can do to help them. Therefore, if I cannot find a way to help my client return to his senses so he can trust me again, he is on his own.

This means he will stay stuck in his false beliefs, reacting as if they are true, when in reality they are false. This is the emotional health dynamic when many people end an important relationship with their friend, family or psychologist. You can currently see millions of people all over the world acting as if their irrational thoughts about reality are true, when they are false.

This is an excellent definition of mental illness. When you, or someone you know and love, is stuck in a false belief that no one understands you, you are out of touch with reality. Of course, it is true that people are sometimes unkind, mean and attacking. Yes, the person in my clients’ story was unkind.

However, it is also true that my client is being unkind to his friend and himself. The bottom line is, when you stop being unkind to yourself is when unkindness stops hurting you. When I stopped criticizing myself, I stopped being defensive about all my problems. Once I was kind and loving toward myself, my pleasure in living returned.

The next time this emotional health dynamic occurs in your life, you could transform your defensive energy into flowing healthy, energy. Instead of making yourself or the other person wrong, you could return to your senses. If you feel, instead of think, you return to your body and reality. Common sense, reality and truth are the ingredients needed to cultivate joy and vibrant moments.

Bring back your joy by being kind to yourself—no matter what is going on in your life.


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How to Enjoy Life and Say Goodbye to Your Ego

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be True to Yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Thanks for the wise comments and questions about the psychology article on ambivalence. Catch it here if you missed it:

A reader wants me to go deeper into the ambivalence state of mind for more personal growth help:

“I think it would be helpful to speak on the reason behind the ambivalence, because that is what is so frustrating.”

Indeed, you are correct. The reason behind your ambivalence is the conflict between your ego and your authentic self. You do not know what you really need and want because you are conditioned and controlled so successfully that you only know what you “should do” and “should not do.” You are not able to find and fearlessly follow your authentic self.

Instead, you are listening to your brain tell you the shoulds and should nots of the situation. To break free from your conditioning, you need to become aware of this everyday struggle between your ego energy and your authentic self energy. This is the major work of all personal growth and transformation. To be happy and satisfied you must not allow your ego to win these frequent conflicts that put you in the ambivalence state of mind. Or in the lose-lose state of mind which is another favorite of the Almighty, Reigning Ego.

The goal is to move away from your conditioned self and move toward a reality state that is free, responsible, and joyful. When you are in reality is when you automatically have a vibrant moment or two. When you are in the moment, you have successfully traveled the long distance from your controlling brain into your loving heart.

You are letting go of your brainwashing and literally dropping down into your heart so you access your authentic self. Your authentic emotional self has been wounded. This is the reason you have trouble finding, accepting, and following your little girl or boy into bliss. You are rejecting yourself because you learned to reject your true self. You were never good enough. Thus, as an adult you are afraid to listen to yourself because when you do, you experience a great deal of anxiety about doing so.

To win your everyday battles between your ego and authentic self, you must reduce your anxiety, slowly, step by step as you live your life. The home study course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally leads you successfully through this reconditioning process. You must learn how to listen to your authentic fear from your emotional self and not listen to your irrational anxiety from your brain, your conditioned self.

Take the time to learn how to successfully reduce your anxiety and you will be healthier and happier. Good mental health is directly related to knowing what you really need and want and being able to manifest your desires and needs without letting your ego ruin your life.

Several readers also want to know how to deal with the unpleasant ambivalence that occurs in relationships. Oy vey! Relationships are a hard, complicated issue. However, we will take a shot at helping you with relationship ambivalence for the month of August.

In the mean time read the free psychology articles in the holistic psychology library at to help you find your strengths and be at peace — no matter what!


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How to Know Pick the Best Candidate by Reading Body Language

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Read Body Language.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Well, researchers are catching on to the importance of your body. Wow! You really need one after all. No matter how spiritual or smart you are, you just cannot make it in life on planet earth without — a body.

The New York Times reports, “To Better Cope With Stress, Listen to Your Body … To handle adversity more effectively, we should probably pay closer attention to what is happening inside our bodies, according to a fascinating new brain study.”

For decades, I have been teaching that when your brain is not properly connected with your body you are in deep trouble. Mental illness, in varing degrees, is the result. If you want to be safe and sane, never let your brain override your senses.

Dr. Martin Paulus, the senior author of the new study said, “resilience is largely about body awareness and not rational thinking. Even smart people, if they don’t listen to their body, might not bounce back as quickly from adversity as someone who is more attuned to his or her physiology.”

When your awareness is in your body and your body is grounded into the earth you do not experience anxiety or depression. This is a physical fact.  The reason my home study courses, classes, and workshops are so effective in reducing anxiety is because they teach you how to put your awareness in your body.

First, you need to learn how to read your body. You need to know what is really happening inside of you. What is your body asking for? When your awareness enters your body you enter reality. Think of your body as an accurate thermometer that registers the temperature of its surroundings.

Body awareness is empowering. When you are aware of your body you are exponentially more self-confident. As you learn to read your body, you also begin to read other people’s bodies. When you are aware of other people’s bodies you make better decisions in every area of your life.

For example, if you could read body language you would pick the best candidate for every public office. I pray that citizens of the United States will learn how to read body language. Take a look at the current people running for president. Notice his and her body language. Really, really look at their whole body and observe how they move through space.

Sometimes they are more comfortable and vulnerable than others. This is natural and normal. Keep looking at what their body tells you about how much they blame others. How grounded are they? Notice if they have the ability to protect you and keep you safe. Their body cannot lie but their words do.

Have fun learning to read your body language and others. Your mental health depends on how much you honor your body. Pay attention to it, listen to it, and give your body the love it needs for good mental health.


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How to Get More Vital Energy by Feeling Your Emotions

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Accept What is Real.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Thank you, readers, for your feedback and questions. Keep them coming. Here is an important question about how to reach good mental health from a kind hearted reader who is stuck in confusion and intense mental anguish.

“I have enjoyed your emails for 5 years! Wow! Please write about how to learn to live in the HERE and NOW! And acceptance. I am a mom who is both blessed with two adult kids but I feel rejection about living here in North America … Them and my loving husband is what keeps me here. I am too attached to my past, because that’s what I know best and that is what made me “grow”! Somebody told me, your heart has to be in one place. What does it mean? I am from EU and live here more than half of my life!! I can’t either go back or stay. And the HERE and NOW is filled with tears and sadness … Unshared … because I am ashamed of not being able to enjoy the many blessings around me!”

For all of you, always remember that no matter what is going on inside of you there is a rational reason for what you feel. You have real problems that have real solutions. Your feelings and emotions are real. Never doubt reality.

Mother Nature knows what she is doing. Evolution knows what she is doing. As Einstein said, “God does not play with dice.” There is sanity in the universe; there is sanity inside of you. It is up to you to find your sanity!

Thank you for your question. Even though I may not hit the bullet mark with so little information about you, I know for sure that your feelings and emotions are not wrong or bad. It is only your thoughts about your feelings and emotions that are confused and irrational.

You are stuck in depression and dense energy because you tell yourself everyday that your feelings and emotions are WRONG and BAD. They are not. What you feel is what you feel. No more or less. Simple and profound. Feelings are real.

The reason you are stuck in such unpleasant, never-ending pain is because you are making your feelings and emotions wrong at every turn. Every day, all day long, your self-judgment is killing your heart, body, and soul. Your thoughts are irrational and unkind, creating your mental anguish.

You are hurting your real self every time you find fault with yourself. To feel better, you must stop finding fault with what is real. Instead of making your feelings and emotions wrong, accept them and let them move. The vital energy of your emotions is the potent energy that will move you forward into vibrant moments.

I assume you are too afraid to feel your strong emotions and feelings on your own. This is often the case because children are taught to control their feelings and emotions instead of feel them. Nevertheless, trying to control your feelings and emotions creates mental health problems.

Therefore, I recommend that you work with an emotionally safe professional who can help you unlearn your fear of your emotions so you can break free and enjoy life. If you do not have access to an emotionally safe professional you can receive emotional guidance and support by using the self-help “Opening the Heart” audio series.

The way to enter the Here and Now is to feel what you feel. Physical and emotional feelings put you squarely in the moment of that which is real. It does not matter what you feel. Just accept and love your real feelings and you enter the here and now.


ACCEPT YOUR FEELINGS: Feel better immediately when you accept what is real inside of you. Learn how to feel your emotions and stop making them wrong and bad. Get the help you need in overcoming your fear of your emotions. The Opening the Heart audio series is a three-hour comforting guide that helps you find, accept, and heal your emotional self. Hundreds of people have listened to the Opening the Heart audio again and again for relaxation as well as emotional guidance and information. $97.00, money-back guarantee.

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How to Feel Happy and Say Wow More Often

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Experience Wow Often.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

When was the last time you said, “Wow!” out loud?
When was the last time someone else said, “Wow!” to you?

This is the first thing one of my current clients has been saying for the last few months when we connect on the phone. “Wow!” Her life is certainly not boring, mundane, or ordinary. What about yours?

The Vibrant Moment exists to make sure your life is not boring, mundane, or ordinary. When you are here on planet earth you have the opportunity to have lots of exciting adventures. Sometimes reality is hard and difficult but if you stay in your natural flow, you become stronger and wiser after the hard times.

Regular readers know my mother passed away last winter after about a year of sickness. I mention my life experiences from time to time to help you see how real people live in the flow. While staying in the hard times is difficult when you are grieving or in pain, know that when you get out of the hard times you will experience joy again.

After my exciting, loving, body awareness Nature Workshop this past weekend, I have been walking around my house rubbing my hands together because I am so excited. “Wow!” pops out of my mouth every few minutes. My energy has returned! I finally have some pep!

Awareness is such that you do not notice you are missing something until you get it. I knew I did not have much energy, grieving was using it all up. However, I did not know how ungrounded I was. I was trusting I would move through my grief and get my energy back. And … that is just what happened.

After working in the forest this week-end with a group of caring, open people, my legs are back to sturdy and strong. I have not felt this strong since I rushed to NC to be with my sick mother a year and a half ago. Honestly, the power I feel in my legs may be greater than before.

For sure, my joyful energy has returned and I feel good all over. Of course, my grieving is not over, but this difficult passage in my life has turned a corner. Now I am enjoying the benefits of transformation that come with grieving the loss of a loved one. More of me is present and available for healthy living and vibrant moments.

For you, stay with yourself wherever you are and trust your natural process. If you are in hard times, you will be back to experiencing “Wow!” soon. Just let go of trying to control anything or anyone and more of you will soon be present and available.

Keep the faith. Get grounded and enjoy the moment — whatever it is.


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How to Know When You are Grounded and Relaxed

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Get Grounded.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


I often mention how important it is for you to be grounded. This is because being ungrounded for you, a human energy system, has the same unpleasant consequences that your light switch suffers when it is ungrounded.

You could burn down your house if your electrical box did not have a safety value to completely shut off the electrical current when the wires get overloaded. Apply the same principles to you, your body, and nervous system.

Just like a teenager who is out of control and desperately needs his parents to ground him until he comes back into balance, you need to keep an eye on yourself. The results of not being grounded are self-destructive. For example, when you are ungrounded, you are anxious, manic, irrational, and accident-prone.

Do you know when you are ungrounded? Here is a list of factors to help you know if you are grounded or not.

If you are grounded you:
Are aware of your body as a solid mass.
Feel energy in your feet.
Are aware of the bottom of your feet connecting to gravity.
You are not moving too fast or too slow.
Are aware of your physical surroundings.
Notice how you are relating to yourself and others.
Are relaxed and present, ready to response appropriately.

The first factor is the most important one. If you are not aware of your body, there is a high probability that you are not grounded. Without body awareness you are in some mental state that is defensive, weak, and unreliable.

Your holistic and mental health are determined by the degree to which you are grounded. Psychologists, coaches, social workers, and therapists, need to get grounded so they can teach you how get grounded and stay grounded.

I was just in Yellowstone National Park enjoying the bears and the signs that said, “Be Bear Aware.” Inspired, I leave you with a strong reminder: “Be Body Aware!”


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Take Your Sexual Self Out of the Closet for Better Holistic Health

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Relax and Feel Good.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


A reader asks, “What is Sexual Health and how can I improve it?”

In the early 1980’s, a client came into my office and complained, “Why didn’t you tell me I was going to feel more sexual? I did not know this was going to happen and you never mentioned it.” She frowned at me. She was not happy she felt so “turned on” as a result of our work together.

Honestly, I never even thought about her sexual health improving as a result of teaching her to relax and feel her emotions. She had a husband, they had sex, no known sexual problem. Yet, as her anxiety level dropped more and more, her sexual energy automatically and naturally increased! To me, this was good news. To her, she was scared of her increased sexual desire.

I mention this client to help you appreciate the power and potency of your sexual energy. If you do not already have good sexual health, there is a high probability you are afraid of letting your sexuality flow freely. Therefore, when you begin to improve your sexual health, make sure you keep tabs on your anxiety all along the way if you want to be successful in unlearning your sexual inhibitions.

Let me remind you that the better your sexual health, the better your mental and physical health. This week, I will give you a definition of sexual health. Next week I will talk about ways to improve it. Sex technically refers only to intercourse, which is a biological function for reproduction. However, people today, and according to the World Health Organization, sexual health is:

“a central aspect of being human throughout life encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. Sexuality is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours, practices, roles and relationships. While sexuality can include all of these dimensions, not all of them are always experienced or expressed. Sexuality is influenced by the interaction of biological, psychological, social, economic, political, cultural, legal, historical, religious and spiritual factors.” (WHO, 2006a)

As you can see, your sexual health is involved not only with your innate physical responses but interacts with all the existing factors in your outside world. As a holistic psychologist and sex therapist I base your sexual health on your ability to love yourself and others. This means you need to love your body, sexual response, emotional expression, and spiritual energy.

First, you need to know that your sexual health does not depend on having sex with someone else. Absolutely, not! You can also have pleasurable physical organisms without being touched by another person. You can have an amazing spiritual kundalini experience without being touched by another person.

Your sexual health has to do with how you relate to your sexuality, not how someone else relates to your sexuality. For good sexual health you must know, accept, and love your own unique blend of sexual needs, desires, and responsiveness.

If you are sexually healthy you will be:
Able to let go of control and feel your body feelings
Aware of your body and how it feels when you move
Able to relax into your body as needed
Comfortable with your natural body orders
At ease touching your body for comfort and pleasure
Able to let loving people touch your body
Receptive, allowing energy into your body
Expressive, giving energy outward to others
Spontaneous and free of inhibitions
Able to love and be loved
Able to give and receive physical pleasure
Comfortable having orgasms alone and with others
Self-confident with or without a sexual partner

Write down which of these abilities you are already good at and which you need to work on. Your degree of sexual health depends on how many, how much, and how often, you enjoy these qualities and experiences. The more, the better your sexual health.

This week pay attention to how you relate to your sexual self. Is she or he “in the closet, hiding from you?” Or are you in love with your sexual self, protecting this part of you from inner or external judgments? Just notice, do not make yourself wrong about what you notice.


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How to Overcome Perfectionism? Stop Anxiety From Ruining Your Life!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Chaos is Not Dangerous.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Do you want to be perfect?
Do you find fault with people who are slow or unsure?

Perhaps you have an inner critic called “Ms. Perfect” or “Mr. Never Satisfied.” Perfectionism is a serious upper class mental health problem. Even the middle and lower classes can think being perfect has it virtues. A la the White Picket Fence Envy Syndrome of those living outside the perfect house where the perfect family live with the perfect kids and perfect jobs.

Perfect people cannot let go of control and experience colors, feelings, and emotions. Therefore, if you try to be perfect you do not enjoy vibrant moments, playful lovemaking, and heart-felt happiness. Being spontaneous, free, and joyful are rare events if you spend your time trying to be perfect.

Trying to be perfect makes you anxious and keeps you controlled. Since you are afraid of doing something wrong and bad, you severely inhibit your body and how it moves. This causes mental illness, sleepless nights, boredom, and physical diseases. Notice how much energy being perfect consumes.

Early in my career I discovered that perfect people were always afraid that if they let go of control they would be out of control. Perhaps you also need to know that when you let go of control you are not automatically in an out of control state. You may feel out of control since you are not used to chaos. Chaos is a period of time where you experience being a mess or making a mess.

If you do not have a mess or become a mess, from time to time, then you are stuck in a tiny perfect place of rigidity. Messes are part of the natural process of transformation. Chaos is not an out of control state. It is a necessary state you must accept, if you want to be successful in personal growth and make dramatic changes in your life.

Note what the scientist credited with discovering Chaos Theory, Edward Lorenz, called his paper in 1972: “Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?” Indeed it could and more. Chaos fuels personal growth, change, and transformation.

Some of you may be familiar with the ongoing story of the man in North Carolina on the CBS Evening News who is dying and finding deep meaning and purpose to his life. In March, 2015, we learned that he had tested the “butterfly effect” to see if one act of kindness in a North Carolina restaurant could go around the world. His act of kindness reached Africa.

What about you? What do you set off when you flap your wings or break free? What happens when you stop controlling yourself and create a mess? What are the results of not washing the dishes and making love instead?

We know from Chaos Theory that Mother Nature does indeed know what she is doing. Disorder, just like feeling your emotions, moves into order naturally on its own. It is safe to let go of control and enjoy the natural flow of your energy. Your natural energy flow gives you peak experiences and makes you physically stronger and mentally healthier.

On the other hand, being out of control is dangerous. Flying mental energy bolting around without awareness is dangerous. When your energy is not grounded, you are out of control. This means you need to quickly get back in your body and ground your energy so you do not hurt yourself or others.

Chaos is not dangerous. Chaos is part of nature and obeys natural laws. Go ahead and let go of control. Enjoy being an artist and free spirit, make a mess and reap the benefits of being creative and happy.


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How to Be Heart Happy

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Happy With Yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


While attending a psychology lecture during my graduate school days
at Baylor University, the professor said, “Never expect to make
people happy. Happiness has nothing to do with psychology.
Psychologists cannot make anyone happy.”

Imagine my feelings and emotions when I learned that one of the major
reasons I was studying to be a psychologist was not what I “should”
try to do or what I “could” do. Wow, was I depressed, inhibited,
insecure, and ejected after that lecture.

All this studying and reading and remembering the white, straight,
male psychological theories for nothing! If traditional psychology
could not even make people happy, what was I doing in graduate
school? Honestly, this was the closest I ever came to suicide. If
there was a button to push I might have pushed it. Or the other
option was to take off in my VW van, Sunshine, and travel the world.

Thankfully, I stayed to complete my doctorate degree because
somewhere deep inside, I knew my psychology professor was wrong. I
could be happy and I could teach others how to be happy. Happiness is
a Goddess-given right for all human beings. We deserve to be happy
and we can be happy. Genuinely, happy. Not, positive thinking happy.
Happy in the heart, happy.

Real happiness is closely related to real love. When you love
yourself, you are happy with yourself. When you are happy with
yourself, you love yourself. When you love someone else, you are
happy with the other person. When you love a plant or sunset, it
makes you happy!

To become happier start with something about yourself you love. Your
feet? Your heart? Your mind? Your ability to do something or other.
Notice a quality or behavior about yourself that you admire in
others. If you have trouble with this personal growth exercise, get
outside, objective help to discover the truth about yourself.

Next, notice how often during the day you pay attention to what you
love about yourself. Become more aware as you go through your
evenings of how many moments you spent giving yourself a little love
and emotional support. Give yourself a little love more often to feel
better more often.

Just make sure what you love about yourself is real and not your
puffed up ego or puffed up chest. I doubt you want to reinforce your
unhealthy, controlling energy, which would make your defensive body
language more obvious!


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How to Stop Your Bully Brain From Ruining Your LIfe

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Question Your Thoughts.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Getting what you need and want depends on learning how to bypass your brain so you at least know the desires that live in your heart and soul. This means you must question your thoughts.

Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning there are no thoughts in my awareness at all. This is when I am in a vibrant moment, waking up relaxed, rested, and happy. Those are the mornings to cherish.

I am part of the sun light bouncing all around my large, bright room pleasing every cell in my body. Or, I feel the sound of the raining falling endlessly as it hits my wall of glass panes and slowly wriggles it’s way down to the deck. The bright green tree outside looms large above my house and hugs me with her branches no matter what the weather.

Nothing could be more true than what Socrates said. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” A century of learning research by psychologists shows us the reason Socrates’ wisdom is accurate. Any brain that does not question it’s own thoughts, is a brain that has been washed!

Yelp, you have been brainwashed. Far more than you realize until you get in therapy, work with a coach, hire a mentor, and spend your days in self-examination. You are a bundle of conditioned responses and reactions, until you deliberately and consciously, begin to unlearn these controlling knee-jerk reactions.

How often during the day do you question the thoughts in your head? To enjoy vibrant moments and good mental health, you must question your thoughts on a regular basis; especially the first thing in the morning before your bully brain makes you jump out of bed to “do” something.

Notice how often you think what you think is real, correct, and right. These are your defensive states. You think you are this and that and the other! And of course, you are this and that and the other. I do not agree with Positive Psychology psychologists who think positive thoughts are superior to negative thoughts. Positive thoughts can be as controlling and self-destructive as negative thoughts. Positive thoughts control you and keep you in denial, thinking you are just so-so!

Notice how often you react and respond to conditioned responses you learned as a child. If you are like most humans, your behavior is controlled much more than you think by false beliefs and controlling thoughts. Your positive and negative beliefs keep you from getting what you need and want.

Begin in the morning by taking a look at what thoughts are occurring in your brain as soon as you become conscious. Continue throughout the day, examining exactly what you are thinking at many moments along the way. Anytime you do not feel good is a great time to sit down and write down exactly what you are thinking. Yuck.

When you do not feel good, I am sure you will find nasty, judgmental, self-righteous thoughts somewhere in your unconscious. Tame your thoughts to enjoy more vibrant moments.

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